8 November

Looking For Inspiration — Outside of the Digital World

With all of today’s modern technology it’s not surprising to hear that a lot of designers jump right onto a computer when the receive a new project or assignment. Unfortunately they are missing out on some pretty crucial steps that could lead to some extraordinary designs. A lot of us forget that in our first […]

31 October

The Hype Around Being Responsive

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With everyone walking around with their smart phones and tablets in hands these days, designers and developers have had to rethink how they plan and set up websites. It really has become unacceptable to pull up a site on these devices and find that the design is set up to be viewed on a desktop/laptop. […]

24 October

Welcome to the Parallax Universe

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One of the hot new techniques that keep popping up on websites across the interwebs is parallax scrolling. I’m sure most of you have stumbled upon one, and might not have known what the technique is called. Parallax scrolling is created when the background moves at a slower rate than the foreground, creating a sort […]

17 October

Portfolios In The Digital Age

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As computers have become incorporated into our everyday life, where most tend to have more than one type of computer always readily available, it has allowed for the transition of the print portfolio to translate to the digital or mainly web interface. Potential employers can now easily access your information and work at the click […]

9 October

Falling Into Fall 2013’s Color Trends

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As a designer, you need to be aware of the current trends in many aspects of the design world, especially that of color. Above you will find a chart that I created to show Pantone’s Fall 2013 Color Report. The vibrant, eye-catching colors that we saw all summer are still in, but with a slightly […]

4 October

Design Systems With A Pop of Color

Good design can simply come from using just black and white, along with a pop of color to draw the eye in, or highlight important details. This can be seen above, from the example of systems that do just that. A strong, successful design does not necessarily have to have a large color palette to […]

26 September

What Was Once Old, Is New Again : Hand Lettering

It seems like today, everyone is obsessed with bringing back or reinventing vintage techniques/styles, this is definitely true with hand lettering. A few years ago while doing research for a class project, I came across these beautifully done hand lettered chalkboard designs by Dana Tanamachi of Tanamachi Studio. After that, I noticed chalkboard hand lettering […]

20 September

Finding Well-Designed FREE Fonts on the Internet

Yes, you read that correctly, the internet does provides you with an abundance of sites that grant you access to some pretty awesome and most importantly FREE fonts, you just need to know how to look for them! I’m not going to do a post about the (Insert Number Here) Best Free Fonts, instead I’m […]

13 September

Kinetic Identites: A Trend or Are They Here to Stay?

Kinetic identities consists of a system of parts that can be used interchangeably, but still recognizable as one brand. It allows designers more room for play, while still working with the brand guidelines. More and more kinetic systems are being created each day, but are they a current trend or are they here to stay? […]