Design Systems With A Pop of Color

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Good design can simply come from using just black and white, along with a pop of color to draw the eye in, or highlight important details. This can be seen above, from the example of systems that do just that. A strong, successful design does not necessarily have to have a large color palette to effectively convey it’s meaning, in fact, sometimes less-is-more. By creating a simple system that isn’t overwhelmed by lots of color, you can create pieces that are memorable by having just pops of color, or using one color in bold ways (like the back of a letterhead, or edges of business cards).

A lot of popular identities, both of today and of the past, can be recognized just by their brand color alone. When you see this color, what brand comes to mind?
Who's Blue is This?

The company uses their signature color in their boxes that contain their products.

If you guessed Tiffany & Co, you’d be right!

A brand the successfully uses color in the right ways, can easily be recognized by their color just a lone… not a simple feat.


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  2. Erin
    October 10, 2013

    excellent point about the color!


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