What Was Once Old, Is New Again : Hand Lettering

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It seems like today, everyone is obsessed with bringing back or reinventing vintage techniques/styles, this is definitely true with hand lettering. A few years ago while doing research for a class project, I came across these beautifully done hand lettered chalkboard designs by Dana Tanamachi of Tanamachi Studio.

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 4.11.24 PM

After that, I noticed chalkboard hand lettering started to explode all over the internet, as well as other mediums of hand lettering, like the pen & ink of calligraphy, or just regular pen and paper designs.

Chalkboard Hand Lettering

The art of calligraphy has been around for a very long time, and has long been cherished by it users and viewers. Calligraphy is used in both print and cursive handwriting, adding a extra flair to what could otherwise be boring letters on paper. Unfortunately most states no longer require schools to teach their students the beautiful art of cursive hand writing, so it will fall on us to teach our children this wonderful art form, not to mention what I consider a time-saving way of writing… who wants to pick up their hand after each and EVERY letter??

Anyways back to my point of hand lettering through the use of calligraphy… it has always been a go-to-favorite for brides for their wedding invitations and envelopes, but in the past few years it has evolved and spread through basic communications and displays. We have a local designer in Detroit, Molly Jacques whom is known for her beautiful hand lettering. Her work has been featured in many magazine covers and products across the country. She’s even teaching a SkillShare class on The Art of Modern Calligraphy, which once I saw the class being offered, I immediately signed up for it. If one has the patience and skills to master the art of calligraphy, it can lead to a very promising career, either doing just straight calligraphy or incorporating it into your designs/type designs.

Molly Jacques

With whatever medium or even mediums you decided to tackle hand lettering with, we now have the option to translate it into the digital format, where it can be used in digital work, or for printing multiple copies of the same design without having to re-create them all by hand.

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  1. Erin
    October 3, 2013

    Great post! I love how you talk about this trend.


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